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Attorney Russo Secured Recovery of $100,000 on Behalf of His Client

The Granite Law Group is pleased to report that Attorney Russo secured a recovery of $100,000 on behalf of his client, a hard working landscaper, who was struck by a motorist who ran a stop sign. Attorney Russo reported, “we were able to acquire the underlying bodily injury (BI) insurance policy from the motorist who struck our client without much trouble. However his injuries, which included a torn rotator cuff requiring an arthroscopic surgery, were worth more than the coverage. Our client was fortunate enough to have gotten underinsured motorist (UM) coverage through his own carrier. UM coverage is designed to insure you above the policy limit of the person who caused the crash.”

Unfortunately, Attorney Russo had to fight with the UM carrier who tried to avoid paying their own insured. He remarked that, “the UM carrier tried to get away with under paying their insured. They were happy to collect his premiums all these years, but when he needed their help, they became adversarial. When this happens, typically the remedy is to arbitrate against your own insurance company who hires an attorney to argue that your client is not as injured as he’s claiming. In this case, the UM carrier didn’t have an arbitration provision in his policy; so the remedy was court litigation. This is a longer process than an arbitration.”

To expedite the process, Attorney Russo filed a complaint against the UM carrier with the New Hampshire Insurance Department and used this as leverage to get the full policy for his client without having to waste a year litigating the matter in court. He explained, “most of the time, the only way to keep these insurance companies honest is to be aggressive. They respond to aggression, not reason.”

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