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May is National Bike Month and Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

With the warmer weather, more and more people are getting outside and on the roads with their bicycles and motorcycles. May is National Bike Month sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists and is also Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month sponsored by the NHTSA.

Typically when one thinks of bicycle and motorcycle safety, one often thinks of avoiding collisions with automobiles. However, it was rather ironic that while perusing the web today I came across this video of a motorcyclist crashing into two bicyclists.

Irrelevant of which mode of transportation we use, it is imperative that we operate our vehilces in a manner safe to all of those on the road including cyclists, pedestrians, motorcyclists, automobiles, and even animals in the roadway.

To help promote biycle safety in May, our firm is sponsoring a Bike Helmet Contest and will be giving away 20 bike helmets to children under the age of 16. Ten will be for residents of Massachusetts and 10 will be for residents of New Hampshire.

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