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Thanksgiving Auto Accidents & Fatalities

This week is one of the busiest travel periods of the year, with the second being the week of Christmas. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, long distance travel (50 miles or more) increases 54% during this time period. With so many vehicles on the road, it is no surprise that there is also a dramatic increase in traffic accidents and traffic related fatalities.

According to the National Safety Council, for the period of 2005 to 2010, traffic accidents resulting in fatalities for the period of Wednesday though Sunday of the Thanksgiving holiday averaged 15.13% of the total fatalities in the entire month of November. The National Safety Council projects that there will be 2,983 traffic related fatalities in November of 2012. That means that during this upcoming Thanksgiving travel period, there will be an estimated 384 to 528. The Council also projects that there will be between 41,100 and 56,500 nonfatal disabling injuries.

How to Avoid an Auto Accident

There are many factors besides an increase of traffic that causes an increase of traffic accidents during the holiday period. With so many more people on the roads traveling long distances, a lot of the drivers on the road may be unfamiliar with the area. Without proper planning, a driver can easily be distracted by a GPS or a map and in that moment of inattention cause a traffic accident. It is reccomended that travelers plan their trips ahead of time. It is also reccomended that drivers update their GPS maps. We’ve all see the All State commmerical with “mayhem like me” and the GPS that says to turn when there is no turn. For Massachusetts drivers especially, if you are traveling into the Boston area with the Big Dig project or areas under a lot of road construction, it is imperative to have an updated GPS or the road you’re suppose to turn on might actually no longer be there.

Don’t have a GPS and having difficulty with a map? It might be tempting to pick up your cell phone to make a call to your destination for help but the time it takes to make this call is enough time to take your attention off the road and cause an accident. It is best to pull over safely and place the call then to try to talk on the phone, read street signs and keep going. We’ve all been behind a driver who clearly does not know where he or she is going. Suddenly they change lanes or take a sharp turn or slam on their brakes unexpectedly. This is dangerous on a normal day but with the added traffic on the road, this behavior can be deadly.

Drunk driving is also a dangerous problem during the travel season. A lot of people enjoy alcohol with their holiday meals or holiday parties. It is important to be sure that you have a designated driver or that you do not take to the road until the alcohol is out of your system. Be on alert for drunk drivers on the road. Report any drivers who are swerving, failing to stay in their lane, or driving recklessly.

It is our sincere wish that everyone makes it to their destination safely during this holiday season.

Contact an Auto Accident Attorney

While it is tragic to lose a loved one in an auto accident any day of the year, it is particularly more tragic when a death occurs around the holidays. If you lost a loved one from an auto accident, contact one of our attorneys who can help you with a wrongful death claim. Our attorneys are licensed in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New York.

Did a fender bender make you late for dinner? If you were injured in an auto accident this holiday season, contact one of our auto accident attorneys to discuss your right to compensation. We can help you get your medical bills paid and get the compensation you deserve.

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