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Traffic Fatalities on the Rise and may Continue to Increase

According to the Department of Transportation, the first nine months of 2016 had 27,875 deaths as a result of motor vehicle crashes. This number represents an 8% increase compared to 2015 and the largest increase in such fatalities in 50 years. Previously, 2015 had this claim with its 7.2% increase in traffic fatalities. Despite this rise, U.S. roads are still considerably safer than there were decades ago. The concern now is whether or not this uptrend will continue, and how to stop it.

During the Great Recession, fatalities took a dip, which is to be expected. During difficult economic times, fewer people have jobs to commute to, which creates less traffic on the roads and fewer opportunities for collisions.

With the economy improving and lower gas prices, government officials knew to expect higher numbers. However, the increase is so sharp that they believe more elements may be impacting the fatality rate, suggesting both distracted driving and warmer weather as additional culprits.

Without more data, the Department of Transportation cannot definitely say what the cause for the increase in fatalities may be. Brian Teffi, who works as a traffic safety researcher with AAA, is calling for states to put together more detailed drug test data from crash victims, but given that drug testing is not consistent around the country, it cannot produce any hard conclusions for traffic experts.

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