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YDC Lawsuit: Fighting for the rights of the innocent

ydc lawsuit

What is the case about?

The atrocities that occurred at the Youth Development Center (YDC)  and Sununu Youth Services Center (SYSC) in New Hampshire are incomprehensible. Over several decades, from the 1960s until recently, hundreds of young victims who were abused, neglected or incarcerated and placed in this facility have been bravely stepping forward to reveal the horrifying abuse they suffered. These acts of cruelty were perpetrated against the minors who resided at various institutions throughout New Hampshire, including the Youth Development Center, also known as the Sununu Youth Services Center, the State Industrial School, the Philbrook School, the Tobey Special Education School, and the Youth Services Center.

Following the revelation of these appalling conditions, the state of New Hampshire has taken steps to settle claims with those who were impacted. In a groundbreaking settlement process, a streamlined system has been implemented to aid victims in receiving cash compensation for the harm they endured. The process is initially funded with an allocation of $100 million, with additional funds to be made available if necessary.

Are you eligible to receive YDC Lawsuit compensation?

With the creation of the YDC fund, victims are now able to seek justice and be compensated. If you were a former New Hampshire YDC or SYSC resident who experienced any type of sexual or physical abuse by a staff member or person that was instructed by the staff you might be eligible to file a claim.

Remember, unlike a lawsuit, there is no time limit (statute of limitations) on claims in the YDC Settlement Process. That means you qualify, even if you were abused decades ago. So you can still do something now to get your share of the settlement.   

Settlement or litigation—which makes the most sense?

Knowing the ins and outs of complex litigation, we know the toll it can take on the victims and the families. For this reason, we are in a unique position to help you evaluate whether filing an individual lawsuit with the court or participating in the YDC settlement fund makes sense for you. Some of the options to consider are as follows: 

Time: According to the fund’s guidelines, victims will receive a complete and satisfactory resolution within one year. In contrast, those who file individual lawsuits with the court might not get a trial date for two to three years. 

Compensation: The fund places a $1.5 million cap on damages for sexual assault cases and a $150,000 cap on damages for physical abuse cases.  Normally, for individual cases against the State that are filed in court, there is a $475,000 cap on damages per claimant, regardless of the damages claimed.

Stress: Going to trial, means most certain that you will be under scrutiny of the courts and once again, have to recount your traumatic experience. While the settlement process would not be as arduous or public. It appears that the Attorney General’s Office, which has been appointed to evaluate YDC claims, intends to operate in good faith and with a mind towards effectuating a just result provided the claims can be appropriately verified.

Why choose Granite Law Group?

We know you have already suffered serious and catastrophic injuries, which is why you need a law firm who will be respectful to your extensive circumstances and help you through this traumatic time. Granite Law Group® has the necessary resources, hands-on experience to ensure you get fairly compensated. Our lawyers are always dedicated to going that extra mile. Call us at (603) 883-4100 to schedule a consultation today.

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